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Community Disaster Response Ontario


Community Disaster Response Ontario (CDRO) is a non-governmental not-for-profit federally incorporated organization supporting public: municipal, county, regional, provincial, national, First Nations, and private: corporate business emergency management and response programs.


CDRO has a dedicated membership of incident managers, emergency managers, business continuity and public safety professionals from varied disciplines, who are a complimentary asset to Ontario’s public safety net.


Full Organization Name

Community Disaster Response Ontario


Contact Information

Office Phone: 1.888.398.CDRO (2376)

24 Hour Phone: 1.888.398.CDRO (2376)


7030 Woodbine Avenue

Markham, Ontario

L3R 6G2

Description of Organization

What we offer

CDRO’s is headquartered in Ontario, but able to respond and support nationally, their Program Services is comprised of portfolios led by a Director:

Advisory Services:

  • Provincial

  • Municipal

  • First Nations

  • Private


Response – All-Hazard Incident Management Teams

  • Commander

  • Planning

  • Logistics

  • Operations

  • Finance & Administration



  • Program Development

  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

  • All-Hazard Emergency Response Plan Development

  • Training

  • Exercises


We are prepared to provide effective and efficient emergency response/management support. We can assist with a framework and facilitation of integrated planning, coordination, and support to ensure that the appropriate level of readiness (program development, training and exercises) and response (personnel and equipment) is in place. We respond in a timely manner, to manage the situation, mitigate the impacts, and initiate recovery. We can provide an All-Hazard Incident Management Team to support, through coaching or leading your response and management of emergency situations.

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