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Canadian Red Cross


The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.


Full Organization Name

Canadian Red Cross


Contact Information

Office Phone: 1.905.890.1000

24 Hour Phone: 1.416,209.0432


5700 Cancross Crt,


L5R 3E9

Description of Organization

What we offer

Canadian Red Cross works with 1,500 volunteers in Ontario to respond to 1,100 emergencies across the province annually.

Location and Structure in Ontario: 

The Canadian Red Cross is positioned across the province to respond to the needs of Ontarians in all 440 municipalities. 

Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Restoration


Preparedness: Canadian Red Cross works with people and their communities to prepare for crises and help build resiliency.  By engaging with volunteers and through public education initiatives, our goal is to help Ontarians mitigate and prepare for emergencies before they happen.


Response: Registration, emergency food, clothing and shelter services, family reunification services, medical care and psychosocial support are all ways we help support Ontario residents in times of emergency.


Recovery and Restoration: The Canadian Red Cross can provide support to self-recovery (direct aid, assistance and community initiatives, for example).  Ongoing case management helps affected residents with cash transfers, community grants and engagement.  Donation management helps to collect and allocate donations appropriately and volunteer management ensures that these supports are in place. 

Capacity: (Human and Material Resources)

Canadian Red Cross is a network of dedicated and professional volunteers.  Around the country, Canadian Red Cross responds to emergencies every three hours.  We have aid and relief supplies pre-positioned across the country.    By volunteering with Canadian Red Cross, Ontarians demonstrate their caring for others in need.  Canadian Red Cross is comprised of staff and volunteers who continually strive to better meet the needs in their communities.

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