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Chronology of NGO Alliance of Ontario


  • Mennonite Disaster Service invites Samaritans Purse Canada and World Renew to meet to discuss partnering in disaster responses across Canada.


  • National Agreement between Mennonite Disaster Service, Samaritans Purse Canada and World Renew signed as a result of the coordinated response to                                                      

  • Hurricane Igor in Trinity Bay North and Bonavista, NL

  • Provincial Partnering Agreements begin being encouraged

  • Mennonite Disaster Service, Samaritans Purse Canada, World Renew and 7th Day Adventists meet with Assistant Deputy Minister Allison Stuart in September to discuss                

  • Opportunties for Collaboration, including  theme areas for future discussions, cataloging skill sets and Service

  • EMO appoints staff person to begin role as EMO Liaison to NGO Alliance


  • Alberta and BC NGO structure models analysed; Collaborative agreement reviewed

  • Other NGO's were reviewed with the criteria being a focus on disaster management, willingness to work together/colloborate, and not being affiliated with government

  • Draft Terms of Reference created and reviewed

  • Salvation Army, Focus Humanitarian Assistance, OSPCA joins NGO Collaborative


  • Focus Humanitarian Assistance, OSPCA, PAOC, Canadian Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance also join Mennonite Disaster Service, Samaritans Purse Canada,           World Renew and ADRA to begin the creation of a provincial NGO network

  • Formal structure adopted

  • First Terms of Reference developed

  • NGO Alliance of Ontario formally adopted as name of organization

  • Review of other provincial NGO networks reviewed - Manitoba Partners In Disaster; Alberta NGO Council; Integrated Disaster Council of British Columbia


  • Name of NGO group adopted

  • Terms of Reference adopted

  • Members adopt an Outline structure for promotion to municipalities


  • NGO Alliance Handbook developed

  • EM Continuum Infographic developed

  • Draft Communiciations Plan developed

  • Relationship with OAEM begins

  • NGO Alliance logo designs investigated


  • NGO Alliance Handbook and NGO Alliance logo adopted

  • Team Rubicon Canada joins NGO Alliance

  • NGO Alliance begins supporting FN Communities in Ontario during emergencies

  • NGO Alliance members support the Haitian Asylum Seekers, SW Ontario flooding and Wapakeka FN responses


  • NGO Alliance Communications strategy adopted and generic material for promotion and outreach developed

  • National Emergency Management NGO Consortium of Canada (EMNCC) created

  • ADRA Canada joins NGO Alliance of Ontario

  • NGO Alliance members respond to Capital Region Tornado, Forest Fires, Hurricane Florence and SW Ontario Flooding

  • NGO Alliance meets with MCSCS Minister Michael Tibollo and Senior Staff

  • NGO Alliance Handbook distributed to Manitoba's Partners In Disaster, Alberta NGO Council, BC's IDCBC, Public Safety Canada & Atlantic Canada EMO's


  • Knights of Columbus, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and Christian Aid Ministries express interest in becoming part of NGO Alliance

  • NGO Alliance members respond to Bearskin Lake FN Evacuations, Caledon Flooding, Eastern Ontario Flooding, James Bay Flooding, NW Ontario Wildfires,                                                

  • Ottawa Tornado, Pikangikum FN Wildfire and Whitewater Region Township Flooding

  • NGO Alliance engages EMO Chief/ADM Jon Pegg

  • NGO Alliance participates in MCCSS ESS Focus Groups


  • NGO Alliance of Ontario distributes Handbook to Atlantic Canada provincial EM departments

  • COVID-19 Safety Considerations for NGO Operations During Deployments developed and accepted by NGO Alliance members

  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul, GlobalMedic and BGEA Rapid Response Chaplaincy join NGO Allaince

  • 2nd Edition of NGO Alliance Handbook created

  • NGO Alliance Handbook distributed to Provincial Ministries

  • NGO Alliance Chair engages new EMO Chiefs/ADMs Douglas Browne and Teepu Khawja

  • NGO Alliance of Ontario receives IAEM Canada Merit Award

  • NGO Alliance members respond to A/C Unit Distributions and Food Distributions in Toronto, FN Evacuations to Kapuskasing and Red Lake, Migrant Workers Support, and Neskantaga FN Loss of Critical Infrastructure


  • NGO Alliance sponsors research for Spontaneous Volunteers; research conducted by York University MDEM Program

  • NGO Alliance participates in provincial Emergency Management Volunteer Initiative begun by Province of Ontario Cabinet Office;                                                               Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism is chosen to be Lead Ministry Ø  NGO Alliance begins representation on national EMNCC

  • NGO Alliance members respond to James Bay Coastal Flooding of FN Communities, Long Lac FN COVID-19 Outbreak, Support to IC of  Sudbury's  FN Evacuations, Thunder Bay COVID-19 Outbreak, and Windsor-Essex Health Unit Shelter Support

  • NGO Alliance meets with David Wai, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism, to provide strategic advice and input on the Province's new Emergency Response

  • & Volunteers Initiative


  • Municipal CEMC Database developed

  • NGO Alliance of Ontario website created

  • NGO Alliance members respond to Bearskin Lake FN to support Wood-cutting Operations and Incident Command Support

  • NGO Alliance members respond to Attawapiskat and Kashechewan FN for COVID outbreak supports

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