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The NGO Alliance is an umbrella organization of both non-governmental organizations and provincial government with roles in emergency management within the geographical boundary of Ontario, working together.

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Members Defined

Membership is held by the organization and not the individual. Efforts should be taken to ensure that someone from the members’ organization attends all meetings if at all possible.


Substitutes are welcome. When the member organization makes a change in personnel for their Alliance representation, the organization shall inform the Alliance Chair of that change, and the new designee shall be introduced to the NGO Alliance as the replacement for the former representative at the next available meeting.

Each member agency maintains its own identity and independence, yet works closely with other agencies to improve service and to eliminate unnecessary duplication.

Membership Appointment

NGO Alliance of Ontario membership will be by invitation of current members or by expression of interest by agencies wishing to join. Current members will be consulted on new applications for membership.

The NGO Alliance of Ontario will determine that new agencies presented for membership meet the agreed upon criteria for membership and will make a recommendation on membership to the Executive of the NGO Alliance of Ontario. The Executive will make the final decision on membership.


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