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NGO Alliance of Ontario Recognized With IAEM Canada Award

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The NGO Alliance of Ontario is pleased to announce it is the recipient of IAEM Canada’s Merit Award, which is awarded annually to individuals or organizations “who champion EM, or have developed a successful record or Community engagement around the Pillars of EM”. It was presented at IAEM Canada’s Virtual AGM recently.

Steve Elliott, DR Coordinator for Central and Eastern Canada for Samaritans Purse Canada, and currently Chair of the NGO Alliance of Ontario, says its an honour to be recognized. “This award recognizes the work, knowledge, expertise, commitment and superior service the NGO Alliance members have provided, and will continue to provide, to municipalities impacted by disasters and emergencies”.

The NGO Alliance of Ontario, now in its 7th year of providing services to municipalities of Ontario, continues to grow, diversify, and strengthen its Purpose. The Alliance is a network of non-governmental organizations that remain active in Ontario’s EM landscape. They include Samaritans Purse Canada, The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Mennonite Disaster Service, ADRA, St. John Ambulance, World Renew, OSPCA, Team Rubicon Canada, GlobalMedic, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Billy Graham Rapid Response.

Mr. Elliott says the municipalities and the province must be ready for emergencies and disasters that are occurring more frequently, are more severe and are more complex. “Municipalities will be in need of a comprehensive, efficient, and cost effective response, as well as short and long-term recovery. The NGO Alliance can be one of those tools for the municipalities to use to help them achieve that. The purpose of the NGO Alliance is to support municipal and provincial emergency planning and preparedness, response and recovery efforts through the 4 C’s – coordination, cooperation, collaboration, and communication”, he says.

Additional information on the NGO Alliance of Ontario, including their new edition of the 2020-2021 Handbook and other useful documents, can be found on this webpage, or by contacting the Chairman at

The IAEM-Canada Merit Award recognizes an individual or organization for having performed a significant contribution to the Emergency Management field in Canada in recent years. Contributions may include, for example, an individual or organization who: champions EM, BC/COOP, has developed a successful record or Community engagement around the Pillars of EM, Health & Environmental Safety, or other programming related to emergency management.


Steve Elliott, Chairman

NGO Alliance of Ontario


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