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Incoming Chair of NGO Alliance

Thursday 15th September 2022

Jim Montgomery, President & CEO

Community Disaster Response Ontario

Community Disaster Response Ontario has been a member of NGO Alliance of Ontario since our inception, and we value our membership and participation in addressing the humanitarian needs of Ontarians during and recovering from disasters. The NGO Alliance as a collective of non-governmental organizations, are proud to have recently added The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined to become the 13th member. They offer an emergency response capability that has responded over the years internationally, now Ontarians will benefit.

Alain Normand, NGO Alliance Chair; many know as an author, lecturer, teacher and expert in emergency management, with operational disaster relief experience that has spanned the last thirty decades. Alain has completed his term as Chair of the NGO Alliance and stepped down.

I was honoured to be acclaimed as the Chair and look forward to the opportunities and challenges serving the NGO Alliance. Our membership is a diverse collective of non-governmental organizations, and our principles are; cooperation, collaboration, communication and consideration.

The opportunities that the membership offers in supporting Ontarians, when they are most vulnerable with their unmet needs through traditional governmental mechanisms, is their collective strength in capabilities and capacities. To capitalize on that strength, I will work to have the NGO Alliance represented and integrated into provincial and municipal emergency response and management, representing all NGO Alliance members.

Emergency Management Ontario recently moved under the Treasury Board Secretariat and Mr. Bernard Derible was appointed as their Deputy Minister & Commissioner. Emergency Management Ontario has led and continues to lead in the development of an all-hazards emergency management program for Ontario’s ministries and municipalities. The NGO Alliance will work with EMO to offer our subject matter expertise and experts to serve on EMO’s working groups and task forces.

I look forward to serving the NGO Alliance members and all Ontarians, please do not hesitate to reach out and engage the NGO Alliance members or myself.

Jim Montgomery

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