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Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott is an emergency management planning professional who partners with Non-governmental organizations, multi-national private companies, public sector jurisdictions and First Nations to grow their corporate emergency management programs, deepen their professional expertise and strengthen their business resilience.


With over 27 years’ experience in the fields of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and business continuity, Steve has partnered with a myriad of professionals in his network of EM practitioners in the UK, Australia and the USA in order to bring forward innovative solutions for his client base.


For five years, Steve has acted in the capacity of Executive Director with Protegimus Group Emergency and Disaster Management Planning Services, providing expertise for clients desiring new perspectives, approaches and attainable solutions.


Steve’s responsibilities also include providing expertise and strategic planning as the Disaster Response Coordinator for Central and Eastern Canada to Samaritans Purse Canada, a Canadian Christian Disaster Relief organization.


He also has served as the Chairman of the NGO Alliance of Ontario, a network of disaster response and recovery non-governmental organizations that are active participants in Ontario’s Emergency Management landscape by providing a coordinated, effective, and efficient NGO response to disasters impacting municipalities. He currently sits as its Past Chairman.

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